Asset Management Divisions

Hanwha Asset Management operates an efficient and highly professional management organization that
continuously generates outstanding long-term performances.

Philosophy of the Alternative Investment Division

We uncover opportunities in such alternative investment assets as real estate, infrastructure, and energy, both in Korea and abroad.

Management Principles of the Alternative Investment Division

  1. Ensuring reliability through networkingOur world-wide network of research organizations and institutes allows us to make the-best possible choices in terms of alternative investments for strategic investors.
  2. Stable and sustainable performances based on thoroughgoing risk management We call upon the experience of our Alternative Investment Approval Committee whenever we are considering developing a new product.
    The function of the committee is to double-check for investment, legal, and market risk.

Management system of the Alternative Investment Division

Continuous feedback
  1. Research
    We discover new and exiting
    investment opportunities by
    analyzing market trends for
    assets both in Korea and
    abroad. We also monitor the
    performance of the managers
    of interesting foreign assets.

    Analyst/fund manager

  2. Deal sourcing
    This team refers to in-depth
    analyses of the profitability,
    stability, propriety, and risks
    of a given investment target.
    It is part of our investor
    protection guidelines.

    Analyst/fund manager

  3. Fund management
    After all of these preliminary
    steps have been taken, we
    enter into agreements
    regarding investments that
    have been approved by the
    Alternative Investment
    Approval Committee and
    begin selling and managing
    the funds.

    fund manager

  4. Monitoring
    We ensure the soundness of
    our investments by analyzing
    their ongoing performance
    and double-checking the
    possibility of credit and/or
    default risk.

    Analyst/fund manager
    Compliance officer/
    risk management team
    /Compliance team