Asset Management Divisions

Hanwha Asset Management operates an efficient and highly professional management organization that
continuously generates outstanding long-term performances.

Operating Philosophy of the Solution Division

Pursues long-term stable yield based on a debt structure that suits customers risk preferences and the broader market outlook.

Management System of the Solution Division

Continuous feedback
  1. Strategy establishment
    We set up investment
    strategies that focus
    on persistent
    long-term value based
    on economic outlook,
    asset value
    and research in light
    of customer needs.

    Portfolio manager

  2. Asset allocation
    We determine the proportion
    of different assets such
    as equities, fixed income
    and overseas properties based
    on their respective risks
    and expected returns
    and organize our investment
    portfolios accordingly.

    Portfolio manager

  3. Portfolio management
    We construct and
    manage portfolio by fund/
    manager selection
    or direct investment.

    Portfolio manager

  4. Monitoring
    We measure performance
    from each phase of our investment
    decision making process,
    and ensure that risks
    and returns are managed
    as we planned.

    Portfolio manager
    Compliance auditor
    Risk management team