Asset Management Divisions

Hanwha Asset Management operates an efficient and highly professional management organization that
continuously generates outstanding long-term performances.

Operating Philosophy of the Fixed Income Division

Our highly-researched and widespread investment portfolio lessens the possibility of risk and generates high returns for investors.

Management Principles of the Fixed Income Division

  1. Practical and pragmatic research-based investments We were the first member of our industry in Korea to establish a credit research team. When coupled with our years of experience working as an investment partner with large institutions and government agencies, this has strengthened our research capabilities dramatically. We specialize in investment advice and activities that are both practical and pragmatic.
  2. Facilitating outstanding long-term performancesWe focus on delivering high, long – term, and sustainable returns for all of our investors.

Management System of the Fixed Income Division

Continuous feedback
  1. Research
    Our in-depth research
    capabilities allow us to
    establish investment
    strategies that are based on
    rational analyses and expert
    orecasts regarding the
    economic environment and
    the bond market.

    Analyst/fund manager

  2. Portfolio
    We determine the proportion
    that each of our assets should
    occupy in our portfolio based
    on their type. They include
    government bonds, bank
    debentures, and corporate

    Analyst/fund manager

  3. Fund management
    We manage our funds by
    adjusting our investment
    portfolio to suit our
    benchmarks and our
    management restrictions.

    fund manager

  4. Monitoring
    We control for excessive
    variability in yields and
    generate high returns by
    continually analyzing the
    performance of our assets
    and constantly monitoring
    their risk factors

    Analyst/fund manager
    Compliance officer/
    risk management team
    /Compliance team