Asset Management Divisions

Hanwha Asset Management operates an efficient and highly professional management organization that
continuously generates outstanding long-term performances.

Operating Philosophy of the LDI Division

Pursues long-term stable yield based on a debt structure that suits customers risk preferences and the broader market outlook.

Management System of the LDI Division

Continuous feedback
  1. Needs identification &
    Target setting
    Identify customer needs and
    limitations including expected
    return, asset wealth and type,
    and cash inflow/outflow and
    set customer-appropriate targets
    for asset management.

    fund manager

  2. Research and
    Asset allocation
    Develop an asset allocation
    strategy based on mid-term
    economic and market prospects and quantitative asset allocation modeling.

    fund manager

  3. Portfolio management
    Pursue superior performance
    through selection of products from a pool of assets consisting of local and overseas bonds/equities and market timing of sell/buy orders.

    fund manager

  4. Monitoring
    Monitor returns of portfolios
    daily, weekly and monthly
    and check spending levels
    and compliance.

    Analyst/fund manager
    Compliance officer/
    risk management team
    /Compliance team